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Know What You Wear

  We are doing one of the very first perfumeries to publish our ingredients. We don’t hide our ingredients. Our proprietary perfume recipes are blended from only pure plant based ingredients. Our ingredients are natural, simple and luxurious. Know what's on your skin!

Natural Makes "Scents"

We are going a cut above and listing all of our ingredients. Below is a descriptive of some of our ingredients and why we use them, then followed by a longer complete list of everything that we use! We want you to fall in love with our fragrances not only because they smell amazing but also because they are truly natural! 

Tuberose  - The sweet floral notes of this delicate fragrant flower are a seductive and a provocative aphrodisiac. “The mistress of the night” is perfect to capture the attention of that special someone.

Jasmine - This flower’s warm floral scent is both arousing and alluring, giving you a feeling of confidence and euphoria. Jasmine is known to stimulate creativity

Neroli It takes thousands of handpicked flowers from the Bitter Orange tree to produce this intoxicating, citrusy and sweet floral scent. Neroli is soothing and mildly hypnotic and very addictive. Healing and nuturing.

Rose - The very definition of luxury, it takes 2,000 velvet rose blossoms to create 2 grams of its rich, floral essence. This queen of flowers is a well-known aphrodisiac that demands attention without garish noise.

Sandalwood -  The distinctive soft, woody scent of sandalwood comes from eco-consciously-raised evergreen trees. This scent is calming and helps focus the mind — perfect for when you need to lose the outside world.

Lavender - These beautiful violet flowers we all love and know have a sweet, herbaceous scent that calms the mind and brings a little tranquility to a hectic day. 

Bergamot -This petite citrus bud gives a fresh, fruity note with just a hint of spice. Bergamot is a feel-good scent that refreshes and uplifts you — great for getting you out of a funk.

Vanilla - The familiar fruit of the vanilla orchid gives off a rich, sweet vanilla aroma. Comforting and sensual, this scent helps calm emotions and bring back sweet memories.

Oakmoss -This light green lichen wild harvested from oak trees that grow on the coast of the Southern Salish Sea’s islands has a surprisingly fresh, powdery, green, earthy scent. It’s perfect for creating a balanced and grounded scent.

Cedar & Douglas Fir Tinctures These provide tangy, fresh, crisp, green forest notes depending on the terroir from which the needles and tips are harvested. Including these tinctures gives the perfumes a fresh gentle boost and evokes memories of the lands on which they grow. 

Vetiver   - The roots of a perennial-scented grass produce this earthy, woody “oil of tranquility.” Vetiver calms, balances, and instills self-confidence.

Black Pepper - This prized spice gives warm, spicy notes to all kinds of luxury items and is both a stimulating and warming aphrodisiac. 

Lemongrass -The clean, bright scent of lemon shines through from these exotic light green leaf blades. An uplifting essence, it’s perfect for reducing stress and adding cheer to a gloomy day.

Frankincense - The smoky scent of resin A spiritual scent, Frankincense is the essence of serenity.

Ylang Ylang  -The perfume tree’s yellow flowers produce a heavy, sweet, floral note. The erotic ylang ylang flower can give you that euphoric boost that’s perfect before an intimate evening.

Our Complete List Of Ingredients

Amyris Essential Oil, Amyris balsamifera bark

Ambrette Seed Oil, Abelmoschus Mashatus

Balsam Poplar (Cottonwood), Populus balsamifera (Wild Harvest)

Benzoin Resin, Styrax Benzoin Resin Extract 

Bergamot Oil, Citrus Bergamia Oil

Bitter Orange Oil, Citrus aurantium amara Oil

Black Currant Bud Oil, Ribes nigrum bud extract

Black Pepper Oil, Piper nigrum fruit oil

Bracket Fungus,  Fomitopsis ochracea tinture

Calendula officinalis Flower Extract

Cardamom Oil, Elettaria cardamomum seed oil

Cedar Leaf (Western Red Cedar) Oil & Tincture, Thuja Plicata (Wild Harvest)

Cedarwood Oil Virginian, Juniperus virginiana Oil

Celery Seed Oil, Apium graveolens

Chamomile Blue (German), Chamomilla recutita (Matricaria) Flower Oil

Cinnamon Oil, Cinnamomum zeylanicum Leaf Oil

Cistus Resin, Cistus labdaniferus Oil

Clary Sage Oil, Salvia sclarea (Clary) Oil

Clove Bud Oil, Eugenia caryophyllus (Clove) Flower Oil

Coffee Absolute, Coffea arabica seed extract

Coriander Seed Oil, Coriandrum sativum (Coriander) Seed Oil

Denatured Alcohol, Alcohol Denat. (Grain Based Alcohol)

Douglas Fir Essence, Pseudotsuga menziesii Tincture (Wild Harvest)

Elemi Resin, Canarium luzonicum gum oil

Frankincense Oil, Boswellia carterii Oil

Galbanum Oil, Ferula galbaniflua resin

Geranium Oil, Pelargonium graveolens Flower Oil

Geranium Oil Bourbon, Pelargonium graveolens Flower Oil

Ginger Oil, Zingiber officinale (Ginger) Root Oil

Grapefruit Oil, Citrus Paradisi  (Pink Grapefruit) Peel Oil

Helichrysum Oil, Helichrysum italicum

Hyacinth Absolute, Hyacinth Orientalis Flower Extract

Jasmin Absolute, Jasminium Sambac  Flower Extract

Jamarosa Root Oil, Cymbopogon nardus

Juniper Berry Oil, Juniperus communis Fruit Oil

Lavender Oil, Lavandula angustifolia (Lavender) Flower Oil

Lavadin Oil, Lavandula Hybrida Oil.

Lemon Oil, Citrus medica limonum (Lemon) Peel Oil

Lemongrass Oil, Cymbopogon schoenanthus Oil

Lilac, Syringa Vulgaris Oil

Lime Oil, Citrus aurantifolia (Lime) Oil

Mandarin Oil, Citrus nobilis (Mandarin Orange) Peel Oil

Melissa Oil, Melissa officinalis Flower Oil

Mimosa Abs., Mimosa tenuiflora Extract

Myrrh Oil, Commiphora myrrha Oil

Neroli Oil, Citrus Aurantium Oil

Nutmeg Oil, Myristica fragrans (Nutmeg) Kernel Oil

Oakmoss Absolute & Tincture, Evernia Prunastri

Orange Oil Sweet, Citrus aurantium dulcis (Orange) Peel Oil

Orris (Iris), Iris pallida root oil

Oud (Agarwood) Absolute, Aquilaria agallocha stem extract

Palmarosa Oil, Cymboporgon martini Oil

Patchouli Oil, Pogostemon cablin Oil

Peru Balsam, Myroxylon pereirae (Balsam Peru) Resin.

Petitgrain Oil, Citrus aurantium amara (Bitter Orange) Leaf & Twig Oil

Pineapple Extract, Ananas Sativus (Farm Direct)

Plumeria (Frangipani), Plumeria alba flower extract (Farm Direct)

Rose Absolute, Rosa centifolia Flower Oil

Rose Essential Oil, Rosa Damescena Oil

Rose Geranium Oil, Pelargonium Roseum Leaf Oil

Rose Otto, Rosa damascena Flower Oil

Rosemary Oil, Rosmarinus officinalis (Rosemary) Leaf Oil

Rosewood Oil, Aniba rosaeodora (Rosewood) Wood Oil

Saffron, Crocus Sativus Flower Extract

Sandalwood Oil, Santalum album (Sandalwood) Oil

Spruce (black), Tsuga Canadensis Oil

Tangerine Oil, Citrus Reticulate Oil 

Tonka Bean, Dipteryx odorata seed extract

Tuberose Absolute,  Polianthes Tuberosa Oil

Vanilla Absolute, Vanilla Planifolia (Vanilla) Fruit Extract

Vanilla Bean Tincture, Vanilla Planifolia (Vanilla) Fruit Tincture

Vetiver Root Oil, Vetiveria Zizanoides Oil

Violet Leaf Absolute,  Viola Odorata Extract   

Yarrow Oil, Achillea millefolium Oil

Ylang Ylang Oil, Cananga odorata Flower Oil